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Bask in the Sunshine, Not the Grime: The Best Time to Clean for a Sparkling Summer in Arizona

Summer in Arizona is a glorious time. Long, sunny days beckon us outdoors for poolside lounging, barbecues with friends, and adventures in the desert. But before you dive headfirst into all the fun, consider this: is your home truly ready for the season?

Here at Premier Choice Cleaners of Arizona, we understand that summer living can bring its own set of cleaning challenges. Dust gets tracked in from open doors and windows, pollen counts rise, and kitchens see a flurry of activity as we whip up refreshing meals and drinks.

However, a little proactive cleaning can go a long way in ensuring your Arizona home stays cool, comfortable, and a haven for creating lasting summer memories.

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So, when exactly is the best time to clean in summer?

While there's no single "perfect" moment, here are some things to consider:

  • Beat the Heat: The Arizona sun is no joke. Avoid cleaning during the hottest part of the day (typically between noon and 4 pm). Early mornings or evenings offer cooler temperatures, making cleaning a more pleasant experience.

  • Plan Around Your Schedule: Summer often means busier schedules filled with vacations, pool parties, and outdoor activities. Choose a day or weekend where you have a block of free time to tackle some cleaning tasks.

  • Tackle Deep Cleaning Before Peak Season: Consider a pre-summer deep clean to remove accumulated dust, grime, and allergens before the real heat sets in. This will leave your home feeling refreshed and ready for entertaining.

10 Important Summer Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

Now that we've established the best time to clean for summer in Arizona, let's dive into some specific cleaning tips to ensure your home shines throughout the season:

1. Conquer the Kitchen Chaos:

  • Clean as you go: Summer cooking often generates more dishes and spills. Make a habit of wiping down surfaces, washing dishes promptly, and cleaning up spills immediately to prevent them from setting in.

  • Focus on the Fridge: With fresh summer produce and barbeque leftovers, your fridge can get crowded fast. Regularly declutter and wipe down shelves to prevent spills and lingering odors. Don't forget to clean underneath and behind your fridge – a prime spot for dust bunnies to accumulate.

  • Deep Clean Appliances: Schedule a time to deep clean your oven, stovetop, and grill. This will remove built-up grease and grime, ensuring optimal performance and a fresh-smelling kitchen.

2. Embrace the Fresh Air, But Control the Dust:

  • Windows Open, Opportunities for Dust: The beauty of summer is enjoying the fresh air. However, open windows invite in dust, pollen, and allergens. Invest in quality air filters and change them regularly to trap these airborne particles.

  • Dust Regularly: With increased dust circulation in summer, frequent dusting is essential. Use a microfiber cloth to capture dust from blinds, furniture, electronics, and ceiling fans.

  • Tackle Those Floors: Barefoot traffic and open doors increase the amount of dirt tracked into your home. Vacuum floors regularly, paying attention to high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways. Consider using throw rugs that can be easily washed to trap dust and dirt at entry points.

3. Banish Pesky Pests from Your Summer Sanctuary:

  • Seal Up Entry Points: Summer is prime time for unwanted insects to find their way into your home. Inspect windows, doors, and vents for cracks and gaps, and seal them up with caulk to deter pests.

  • Clean Up Crumbs and Leftovers: Food debris is a magnet for ants, roaches, and other critters. Clean up spills promptly, wipe down counters regularly, and dispose of garbage in sealed containers.

  • Utilize Natural Repellents: Consider using natural pest repellents like citronella candles or strategically placed herbs like mint and basil around your home to deter unwelcome visitors.

4. Spruce Up Your Outdoor Oasis:

  • Patio Power Wash: Arizona's dusty winds can leave patios and decks looking dull. Consider power washing these spaces to remove dirt, grime, and allergens.

  • Clean and Maintain Patio Furniture: Wipe down patio furniture regularly to remove dust and pollen. For deeper cleaning, refer to the care instructions for your specific furniture materials.

  • Grill Maintenance: Give your grill a thorough cleaning after each use to prevent grease buildup and ensure optimal performance.

5. Prioritize Air Quality and Comfort (continued):

  • Clean Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans help circulate cool air throughout your home. Dust accumulates on the blades, reducing their efficiency. Turn off the fan and use a damp cloth or microfiber mop to wipe down the blades on both sides.

6. Embrace the Light and Refresh Your Decor:

  • Wash Windows: Clean windows allow in more natural light, making your home feel brighter and more inviting. Use a streak-free glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to achieve sparkling results.

  • Lighten Up Your Decor: Swap out heavy winter throws and blankets for lighter fabrics. Consider adding pops of color with summery throw pillows or fresh flowers to create a cheerful atmosphere.

7. Don't Forget the Often-Overlooked Spots:

  • Light Fixture Cleaning: Dust and grime build-up on light fixtures can dim the light in your home. Take down light fixtures (if safe to do so) and wash them with warm, soapy water. Replace burnt-out bulbs for optimal brightness.

  • Wash Baseboards and Door Trims: These areas can get neglected during regular cleaning routines. Use a damp cloth with a mild cleaning solution to wipe them down and remove dust and grime.

  • Clean Underneath Furniture: Dust bunnies love to gather under furniture. Move furniture periodically and vacuum underneath to prevent dust from accumulating.

8. Freshen Up Your Space:

  • Natural Air Fresheners: Harsh chemical air fresheners can irritate allergies. Opt for natural alternatives like baking soda bowls with essential oils, simmering a pot of citrus peels with water on the stove, or placing bowls of fresh coffee grounds around your home.

  • Wash Curtains and Blinds: Curtains and blinds trap dust, pollen, and allergens. Wash fabric curtains according to the care label, or vacuum blinds with a soft brush attachment.

9. Make Cleaning a Breeze:

  • Break Down the Tasks: Large cleaning projects can feel overwhelming. Break your summer cleaning down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Dedicate a specific day or time each week to tackle a particular area or chore.

  • Play Upbeat Music: Put on some fun music while you clean to make the process more enjoyable. Upbeat tunes can boost your mood and energy levels, making cleaning feel less like a chore.

  • Reward Yourself: After completing a cleaning task, reward yourself with something you enjoy. This could be a cup of coffee, watching an episode of your favorite show, or spending some time relaxing outdoors.

10. Consider Professional Help:

Leading a busy summer life can leave little time for deep cleaning. If you're feeling overwhelmed, consider professional cleaning services from Premier Choice Cleaners of Arizona. Our experienced and reliable team can tackle everything from deep cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms to refreshing your carpets and upholstery.

We offer a variety of cleaning services to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Deep Cleaning: Our deep cleaning service is a comprehensive cleaning that removes dirt, grime, and allergens from every corner of your home.

  • Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Ensure a smooth transition with our move-in/move-out cleaning services. We'll leave your new home sparkling clean or prepare your previous home for its new residents.

  • Post-Construction Cleaning: Remove dust, debris, and construction materials left behind after a renovation project with our post-construction cleaning service.

Contact Premier Choice Cleaners of Arizona Today!

Don't let summer cleaning put a damper on your fun! At Premier Choice Cleaners of Arizona, we're here to help you take back your summer and create lasting memories in a clean, comfortable, and refreshing home.

Call us today at (602) 960-0445 or visit our website at or a free quote and to learn more about our summer cleaning specials. You can also reach us by email at

Let us help you bask in the sunshine, not the grime, this summer!

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